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Baby classes

Mum & Baby Soft Yoga in Bristol

Mum & Baby Yoga classes from Bean Stork Bristol

Mum & Baby Yoga

Skyboat Cafe, BS6
Thursday mornings
12 Sep 2024
 - 10 Oct 2024
5 sessions

Mum and Baby Yoga/movement

The Bean Tree Cafe, BS16
Wednesday mornings
18 Sep 2024
 - 16 Oct 2024
5 sessions

Mum & Baby Yoga

Skyboat Cafe, BS6
Thursday mornings
6 Jun 2024
 - 11 Jul 2024
5 sessions
Sold out

Mum & Baby Yoga

Skyboat Cafe, BS6
Thursday mornings
20 Jun 2024
 - 18 Jul 2024
5 sessions
Sold out
Improve your flexibility

Simple stretches for both you and your baby.

Our Mum and Baby Soft yoga course is delivered over 5 weeks. Each session is 50 minutes.

In the sessions we will practice simple soft yoga techniques for both you and your baby. Parents can improve their posture and flexibility and relieve aches and pains.

For the babies, this is a great follow on from BabyNatal Developmental baby massage when babies become more active. This course is suitable from approximately 5 months to walking. 

You will help your baby to retain their muscular suppleness, joint flexibility and range of movement through a series of simple flexibility exercises.

We will sing songs alongside our baby stretches in a relaxed environment.

Mum and Baby Soft Yoga will run on Tuesday’s at Skyboat Cafe in Redland and Wednesday’s at Bean Tree cafe in Staple Hill.

Dads are of course very welcome too.

Mum and Baby Soft Yoga Courses from Bean Stork​

Soft stretches for you

Be kind to your body; relieve aches and pains, improve posture and flexibility.

Breathing practice

Focus on your breathing, deepen the breathing volume to make for a calmer disposition. temperature and layers.

Keep your muscles supple

Learn easy stretching techniques to strengthen the back, great for carrying your growing child.

Soft stretches for baby

Practice fun flexibility exercises whilst singing a variety of songs.

Playful interaction

Treat the soft stretches as a ‘dance’ as you and your baby move.

Encourage movement

Follow your babies lead as they learn to move around the space.

Sensory Play

Allow your baby to explore their individual toy box, whilst you stretch!


Spend quality time with your baby through therapeutic play.

Meet new friends

A great opportunity for you to meet other parents in the area.

Find a relaxed group mum & baby yoga class near you in Bristol, or book a private session enjoyed in the comfort of your home.


Lovely feedback from Bean Stork Mum and Baby Yoga classes

I did the MummyNatal Birth Preparation course with Anne at my house, and I can’t recommend Mummynatal enough.

This wasn’t my first baby but with anxieties about the birth, I thought I would try it out. Anne taught me meditations to calm my nerves during contractions, as well as breathing techniques and exercises to prepare myself.... and it worked!

I felt much more in control when the contractions started, and breathed calmly throughout. Anne was very knowledgeable and I am so pleased I undertook the course which helped me to have a positive birth experience.


MummyNatal Birth Preparation

I wanted to thank you for all the amazing things that you taught both me and my husband.

I was able to stay calm through labour and did loads of deep breathing through all of my initial contractions. The labour and birth all ended up being very positive and the MummyNatal course definitely helped me prepare.

All the BabyNatal classes have also been so helpful and everything that we learnt has been coming in handy. Thanks to the course, we didn't find the initial days as tough as they would have been otherwise.

Hira & Affraz

MummyNatal Birth Preparation & BabyNatal Practical Care

Anne Tregenna

Baby Care practitioner, founder of Bean Stork Bristol

I’m Anne, a mum of four and a Natal Family antenatal and postnatal practitioner.

Bringing 4 children into the world has been a great challenge and I’m sure will continue to be a learning curve. I adore the baby stage and love meeting parents starting their journey into parenthood.